Bruce Turgon
past projects / credits

Places Of Power - Now Is The Hour
Bruce Turgon - Outside Looking In
Foreigner - Jukebox Heros: The Foreigner Anthology
Shadow King - Shadow King
Lou Gramm - Long Hard Look
Lou Gramm - Ready Or Not
Black Sheep - Black Sheep
Darby Mills - Never Look Back "Never Look Back" (Turgon / Meissner)
Foreigner - Mr. Moonlight
Kiss - Crazy Nights "My Way" (Turgon / Stanley / Child)
Black Sheep - Encouraging Words
Prism - Small Changes "Heart and Soul"

Cable / Tv / Documentary
HBO: World Championship Boxing - Roy Jones promo
HBO: Boxing After Dark - all music
HBO: World Championship Boxing - "Status of the Heavyweight Division" special
HBO: World Championship Boxing - Tapia Romera Promo
Showtime: Stargate SG-1-4 scene montage: episode "1969"
PBS: "The Klamath Basin - A Restoration For The Ages" - all music
PBS: "Breast Cancer - Strength & Courage" - all music
PBS: "Forgotten Youth" - all music
PBS: "Two Sides of a River" - all music
PBS: "High Stakes at the Salton Sea" - all music
PBS: "Salt of the Earth" - all music
Independent: "Call of the River" - all music

The Lost Boys - song: "Lost in the Shadows" (w/Lou Gramm)
Highlander 2 - song: "One Dream" (w/Lou Gramm)
Obsession - song: "Midnight Blue" (w/Lou Gramm)
Cold Fusion - song: "Promised Land"
Navy Seals - song: "Hangin' On My Hip" (w/Lou Gramm)
No Man's Land - song: "Ready Or Not" (w/Lou Gramm)

Lou Gramm Solo
Black Sheep
Billy Thorpe
Steve Stevens' Atomic Playboys